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Prestwould Plantation (Clarksville, Virginia)

It is likely that Prestwould has the best documentation for wallpaper use in the country. It was built starting in 1795 and was decorated with English wallpaper from the shop of James Duppa in 1799. Letters about the ordering of the paper survive, as does the bill for about a dozen wallpapers and borders. Some of the wallpapers survive as well. An extensive redecoration took place in 1831-33, this time with French wallpaper. The detailed paperhangings bills from Francis Regnault, Jr., of Richmond survive, as do three French scenics and several elaborate borders.

The surviving historic wallpapers at Prestwould have been restored and many of the fragments of others have been reproduced and installed by WRNA in the house.

See The Magazine Antiques for January, 1995.

Contact: Julian Hudson, Director of Education, Box 872, Clarksville, Va, 23927, tel. 804-374-8672.

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